Kristie and Mike Masucci and their three young children are locals born and raised in our community. Kristie and Mike graduated from Southern Regional High School and are high school sweethearts. They were both very active in sports so it is no surprise that their children have also developed a passion for athletics. When Kristie and Mike are not consumed with sporting events they look forward to being outside enjoying nature often boating, fishing, hiking or going for a trail walk together. Kristie was a Biology major in College so her love for nature and concern for the environment naturally influenced their families decision to start Aqua Fresh Bin Cleaning.

The idea to start the first trash bin cleaning service in our shore area came about after Kristie went for a morning jog on a hot summer day shortly after garbage pickup. The foul odor that filled the air from the empty trash bins that lined the roads as she jogged was hardly the refreshing experience she had hoped for. Upon returning home they’re families bins were possibly the worst on the block. After realizing the harmful chemicals they were using to clean the bins were not working combined with their low pressure garden hose, they sought out a more Eco friendly and time effective solution to get the deep clean their bins so desperately needed; and Aqua Fresh Bin Cleaning evolved.

Here at Aqua Fresh Bin Cleaning our goal is to freshen up your neighborhood one bin at a time. Don’t be the neighbor on your street with the smelly trash bin perfuming your neighborhood because we once were too. Contact us today to clean your trash bin saving you time with a “Greener” much more effective solution.

Kristie and Mike have worked for and learned from their family members who also own successful businesses in town. They have learned from the best and their strong work ethic has prepared Aqua Fresh Bin Cleaning to serve their community.

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