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Tired of dirty, smelly, pest-ridden trash bins?

We know how to fix the problem
It only takes one bag of trash containing common household items like tissues, napkins, diapers, eggs, raw meat, spoiled milk, and rotting produce to infect your trash bins with harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, E coli, Listeria, and more. Within hours bacteria will multiply by the thousands and one single touch could potentially infect you. Leave the dirty job to the professionals, Call Aqua Fresh Bin Cleaning today!

Why Choose Us

Aqua Fresh Bin Cleaning is the first and only bin cleaning service in our area which is also family owned and operated. We pride ourselves in introducing a much safer and “Greener” and more effective solution that can eliminate any health risks involved in the handling of trash and recycling bins while also freshening up your neighborhood one bin at a time! We meet our deadlines and deliver quality service.

Aqua Fresh Bin Cleaning not only cleans, but sanitizes the inside AND outside of each bin with our state of the art truck that lifts the bins and cleans them with more than 230 degree water at 3000 PSI while positioned over our customized spinning heads. Most importantly, we do this in a manner where we protect families and neighborhoods from the hazards of harmful bacteria found in, and around, these bins. Our system is 100% environmentally friendly. Additionally, our fully self-contained cleaning unit collects all the chemicals and wastewater to avoid urban run-off, causing no harm to the storm water system or environment the way manual cleaning does. Our wastewater is then disposed of safely at a locally approved water treatment facility. Also, our cleaning solutions are "Green Certified".

230° Hot Power Wash
99.9% Germ Elimination and Waste Removal
Clean, Disinfect, and Deodorize
Eco-Friendly Cleaning System
No Mess Left Behind!

Residential Bin Cleaning Services


Container Small

$14 First Bin
$10 Each Additional

1 Cleaning Every 4 Weeks
Billed Every 4 Weeks

* 9 Cleanings Minimum

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Container Small

$25 First Bin
$15 Each Additional

1 Cleaning Every 2 Months
Billed Every 8 Weeks

* 4 Cleanings Minimum

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Container Small

$45 First Bin
$20 Each Additional

1 Cleaning
Billed Once

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4 Consecutive Monthly Cleans

Container Small

$60 First 2 Bins
$5 Each Additional

4 Monthly Cleanings
Add. consecutive cleanings available upon request
Customer chooses starting month for 4 consecutive cleans (between Apr-Nov)

*This package is paid for in full in advance, NO REFUNDS

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Gift Certificate

Container Small

A One Time Bin Cleaning.
*Purchase a One Time bin cleaning for your special someone with a service address in the following zip codes: 08050, 08092, 08087, 08224, 08008, 08005, and 08758.
*All you need: address for the recipient and phone number, and select the number of bins you would like to be cleaned. A PDF gift certificate will be emailed to you to print after purchase. Please call 609.905.0411 for additional questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trash Bin Cleaning Services


What areas do you service?
We currently service Manahawkin, LBI, Little Egg Harbor, Tuckerton, New Gretna, Waretown, and Barnegat, New Jersey.


How often should bins be cleaned?
For the best most cost-effective results, we recommend you get your trash bins cleaned monthly.


Do you offer one time cleans?
Yes – we offer one-time cleaning services for our residential trash bin cleaning.


Can you do a Bi-Weekly Service for seasonal rentals?
Yes, upon request we can customize your service for Bi-Weekly Bin Cleaning.


Q. How the does the cleaning schedule work?
A. We offer a once a month, quarterly or one-time cleaning service, and for your convenience, we come to your curb on the same day or morning after your trash is picked up. You will receive a text from us the day before cleaning as a reminder to leave bins out on the scheduled date. After service you will receive a completion email from us.


Q. I have a unique non city-issued trash can. Can you still service our can?
A. We can service reinforced plastic cans in the 30-96 gallon range. Not sure what size you have? 30gal is typically your in-home bin size while 96gal is the largest available outdoor residential trash bin. Our specialized equipment is customized to clean nearly all medium & heavy duty plastic cans out there.

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Proudly Serving the Jersey Shore

Manahawkin, LBI, Little Egg Harbor, Tuckerton, New Gretna, Waretown, Barnegat

Therese Leonard

I can't say enough good things about this company. My garbage cans were not old, but they were filthy and they stank. After they were cleaned, they were like new again. I honestly expected to pay more for the service, but was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the price was. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Melissa Venuto

Great service- our bins look brand new. We received reminder texts and they come based on our garbage schedule. Would highly recommend supporting this family-owned local business!

Melissa Garrison

This service is amazing! Left our bins clean & smelling so fresh! Highly recommend! This family owned business is professional & friendly!

Lucinda Dunfee

Family owned and easy to schedule. My cans went from disgusting to brand new in minutes! Check them out!

Kevin G.

This service is amazing and the employees are great and friendly. Can’t thank you enough for getting my trash/recycle cans cleaned after our summer party. We have signed up for monthly service after seeing how clean they came out. Thank you again!!! Highly recommend.

Daniela Campione

What an awesome service! Our garbage bins look brand new!! Great communication and wonderful owners. Look forward to our monthly cleaning. Highly recommend!!

Corie Hometchko

Amazing job!! I cannot believe how clean my bins look and I love how quickly it was done. My bins have seen it all and are 3 years old, but today they looked brand new and actually smelled clean. The process was seamless and the owners are the BEST!

Corey Corino

Unique and effective service with friendly owners and staff!

Charles J. Westphal

Five star service! Amazing results! Highly recommend!!!!

Britt Fredrickson

What an amazing idea!! Who knew how gross our garbage and recycling cans were, not any more! They were super nice and right on time. No more smelly garage cans, they look brand new🙃 check them out!

Abby Martin

We had the best experience with Aqua Fresh Bin cleaning of Manahawkin!! They cleaned all of our bins so well and got rid of all the stink. They were quick and friendly and I love that the business is family owned! Highly recommended!!